We are immensely inspired by your active involvement in the #CEEcosystem_Summit. Thank You!

CEEcosystem Summit

50 speakers, 40 companies, from 12 countries gathered at the conference center of the Museum of Ethnography, a gem of Budapest, for the CEEcosystem Summit.

The purpose of this foundational event was to increase the visibility of the domestic startup scene, to enhance the viability of an ecosystem that, though small individually, can create significant capacity for economic development overall, especially through business development assisting emerging businesses and showcasing venture capital financiers.



08:30-09:30 - arrival, registration, coffee

Expo: startups & players

09:15-09:25 - Opening remarks

Organizers inaugural

Balázs Horváth (Startup Grind)

09:25-09:40 - Keynote (1) The importance of building a startup ecosystem - Research presentation

Kitti Jakab (Lunar Incubator) HU

09:40-09:55 - Keynote (2) Lessons learned: Building the UK's tech ecosystem

Samantha Evans (FCx) UK

09:55-10:30 - Panel (1) Introduction: About the structure of an innovation ecosystem. Actors, players, vision, mission, interconnectivity

Moderator: Imre Hild (Óbuda University Venture Capital) HU

Zoltán Ács (Hungarian Fintech Association) HU

István Fetter (CIB Bank) HU

Dudu Gencel (Vienna Business Agency) AT

Krisztián Kölkedi (Innovation Expert) HU

Kitti Timár (Startup Hungary) HU

5 minute Q&A

10:30-10:55 - Keynote (3) Lessons learned: Gods vs Frauds: What separates legendary founders from notorious ones

Zoltán Várdy (The Launch Code) HU

5 minute Q&A

10:55-11:50 - Fundraising Masterclass - Fundraising in a Tech Winter

Denes Ban (OurCrowd) ISR
30 minute Coffee Break

12:20-12:40 - Keynote (4) Lessons learned building the UK startup ecosystem

Jeff Lynn (Seedrs) UK

12:40-12:50 - Crowdfunding kicks off

Gábor Kövesdi (Brancs) HU

Nora Szeles (TokePortal.com) HU

12:50-13:15 - Panel (2) Actors: Incubators, accelerators, event organisers – „gamified”

Moderator: Milos Milicsevics (VCLeaders, Corvinus University) HR

Laviniu Chis (Inno Accelerator) RO

Gergő Gulyás (OUVC) HU

Mark Kalin (ABC Accelerator) SLO

Végvári-Gerencsér Dorka (MVM Smart Future Lab) HU

Péter Mogyorósi dr. (Creative Accelerator) HU

Baiba Rozenberga (MBH Fintechlab) LV

13:15-13:35 - Keynote (5)

Lasma Ivaska (MOME Innovation Center) LV

5 minute Q&A

13:35-13:55 - Keynote (6) Ecosystem Compass - Poland

Milos Milicsevics (VCLeaders, Corvinus University) HR

5 minute Q&A

45 minute Lunch & Expo

14:40-15:05 - Keynote (7) Key features of a successful fintech ecosystem & lessons learned of building it.

Tal Sharon (The Israeli FinTech Association) ISR

5 minute Q&A

15:05-15:40 - Panel (3) Actors: Universities and launchpads as key drivers of a startup ecosystem

Moderator: Imre Hild (OUVC) HU

Viktor Borbély (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) HU

József Gyarmati (Future Founders) HU

Craig V. Johnson (MOME Innovation Center) ZA

László Korányi (MIT Venture Lab, HSUP) HU

Andrea Kozma dr. (STRT) HU

Milos Milicsevics (VCLeaders, Corvinus University) HR

Tamás Müller (pozi.io) HU

5 minute Q&A

15:40-16:00 - Keynote (8) Lessons learned and goals to be set from the point of view of a VC

Tunya Irkad (500VC) TR

5 minute Q&A

16:00-16:30 - Panel (4) Actors: Ecosystem builders as role models

Moderator: László Czirják (Interactive Venture Partners) HU

Zoltán Györkő (Startup Hungary) HU

Jared Schrieber (Investor) USA

Peter Schuszter (Univerz Invest) HU

Szabolcs Szakacsits (HunBAN, Startup Hungary) HU

16:30-16:55 - Keynote (9) The OXO journey: From the Treasury, Across Venture Capital, onto the Parquet.

Peter Oszkó (OXO Technologies Holding NyRt.) HU

5 minute Q&A

30 minute Coffee Break

17:25-17:45 - Keynote (10) Exit strategies, IPO’s

Richárd Végh, (Budapest Stock Exchange) HU 

5 minute Q&A

17:45-18:05 - Keynote (11) Key Fintech Ecosystem Performance Indicators, state strategies

Péter Fáykiss (National Bank of Hungary) HU

5 minute Q&A

18:05-18:40 - Panel (5) Actors: VC and Family office Panel – „gamified”

Moderator: Mary Alcantara (Interactive Venture Partners) USA

Balázs Gödrösy (GFS) HU

Miklós Kovacs (Antavo) HU

Bence Langár (TLF Capital) HU

Péter Oszkó (OXO Technologies Holding NyRt.) HU

Gergely Szűcs dr. (Cashline) HU

5 minutes Q&A

18:40-19:00 - Keynote (12) Exit strategies: M&A's, IPO's

Kálmán Nagy (Concorde MBP) HU

5 minutes Q&A

19:00-19:30 - Fireside chat

Moderator: Kamilla Strausz (InnoMaker Partners) HU

Péter Csillag (HunBAN)

Imre Hild (OUVC) HU

Tunya Irkad (500VC) TR

Barbara Verő (Future Proof Consulting) HU

Dinner Party until 22:00

Event Host: Kata Pál



Zoltan Acs

HFA (Hungarian Fintech Association)

Denes Ban


Peter Csillag

ex-Founder at Starschema, angel investor, El Presidente of HunBAN

Peter Faykiss

National Bank of Hungary, Innovation HUB

Istvan Fetter

CIB Bank

Imre Hild

Óbuda Uni VC

Miklos Kovacs


Bence Langar

TLF Capital

Jeff Lynn


Tamas Muller


Peter Oszko

OXO Technologies Holding NyRt.

Jared Schrieber


Szabolcs Szakacsits

Investor, HunBAN, Startup Hungary

Zoltan Vardy

The Launch Code

Richard Vegh

Budapest Stock Exchange


What is the theme of the conference?

The conference addresses the current problems of the CEE region, especially of course that of Hungary, and draws a picture of its SWOT in order to bring the participants to a common platform and thus initiate action.

Who should attend this conference?

Startups, scaleups, future startups, institutional and crowd investors, policymakers, regulators, media, students.

How much does it cost to attend, and what do I get with my ticket?

With early bird offers starting on the 9th of October for the first 50 tickets, it starts at EUR 25,5 and then rises to EUR 65. For your ticket, you are offered full catering all through the day, and participation.

How can I contact the event organizers if I have further questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us at ecosystem@tokeportal.com

Do you help me in finding a hotel?

Certainly, hotel packages will be announced here soon. If it is more urgent, drop us a line.

What side events are there?

We are planning to have a welcome drink on the evening before, that is, on the 9th of November, in downtown Budapest, and, for the 11th of November, we are planning a 3-hour program including participants’ pitches/intros.